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Mar. 3rd, 2019 | 11:53 am

I just wanted to put these somewhere...Collapse )

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I'm a prophet, y'all~

Dec. 26th, 2010 | 10:48 am
mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated

I found my chapstick this morning.
Its location came to me in a dream.

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Alright. I get it. You like things.

Oct. 1st, 2010 | 02:15 pm

Okay, so I'm Facebook friends with one of my school chums. He's pretty okay aside from his weird obsession with Pedobear and Pyramid Head. But lately I've been so tempted to unfriend him. Why?

Because he likes things.

Liking things isn't bad. In fact, most people like things. I do, you do, even your mom does. But he takes it to a whole new level. It wasn't so bad at first. He'd like some quote from Sponge Bob and on another day he'll like some TV show that he probably just started watching.

Then he started going overboard with the liking. Last week he liked 32 pages all withing a seven minute period. They weren't even interesting things to like. "Your friend likes music and 31 other pages." Well aren't you cool with your liking of music. A real pioneer of taste! You know who else likes music? Every one else on the planet. You don't have to tell us you like music. It's pretty much a give in when in your profile you have a bunch of bands listed in your favorite music section. But I guess now it really makes it official.

I know you must be thinking, "Jenn! You're being unreasonable! Who unfriends someone over just a few measly pages?" Yeah, 32 is a few compared to the 203 he liked this morning. Who wakes up and decides to like that many pages? I have no problem if you do like 203 things. You can like over 9000 things and I won't care, but try to space them out a bit, yeah?

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Maeby next time~

Apr. 11th, 2010 | 07:20 pm
mood: hungryhungry
music: Irving Aaronson - Let's Misbehave

Poor Alia Shawkat. Maybe you'll get two lines in your next movie. I don't have Maeby gifs, but this will do.

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Gossip Girl Storylines 2: Electric Boogaloo

Apr. 5th, 2010 | 11:47 pm
mood: dorkydorky
music: Shakira - She Wolf

They said it couldn't be done, but I have done it. I have found a way to combine my brand of crack with Ugly Betty's talent for getting the best guest stars ever. So here it is, more super awesome fantastic Gossip Girl story lines.

Storyline #1 with guest star Christian Siriano

Dorota and Vanya are secret Project Runway fans and somehow manage to get Christian to design Dorota's wedding dress. Eleanor is hurt that she wasn't asked to do it, but doesn't say anything. Instead she takes her frustrations out on Jenny by overworking her and losing her temper over little things. Jenny leaves Waldorf designs and tries to get a job working for Christian but gets rejected because she looks like a hot tranny mess and not in a good way. Jenny decides to try to sabotage Christian's designs because she has nothing better to do. She fails and gets caught. Rufus sends her off to boarding school to make up for his failed parenting.

Storyline #2 with guest star Shakira

Lily holds a humanitarian event with Shakira as the guest of honor. Serena and Nate volunteer to help her set up everything for the big day. Shakira shows up early and meets them at the banquet hall. Nate being Nate falls in love with Shakira and has to struggle with his newfound feelings. He later approaches her and declares his undying love for her. Shakira turns him down because she don't play like that. The episode ends with an acoustic performance of She Wolf and shots Nate looking pensive while riding in a car with Serena, him being dropped off wherever it is he lives, and Serena going back to the banquet hall to meet up with Shakira. They run away together and solve crime across the country.


Storyline #3 with guest stars RuPaul and Bryan Batt

After reacquiring his hotel and losing Blair, Chuck buys back the Victrola in order to remember where he first ~fell in love~ with Miss Waldorf. Sadly it is no longer a burlesque club, but now a drag show with RuPaul as the main headliner. Another drag queen catches Chuck's eye with her really tall, green wig and stellar performance of "And I'm Telling You." They date for half an episode and everyone tells them their love will never last. They get married in the next episode and adopt a pet monkey named Sweetie (RuPaul is named Sweetie's godmother). Sadly, their love comes to an end when Chuck's fabulously wealthy cousin (played by Mad Men's Bryan Batt) rolls into town and seduces Chuck's drag queen of love with his ability to speak louder than a whisper. Turns out they were meant to be and marrying Chuck was just a foolish mistake. Next episode is full f divorce papers and a custody battle, ending with Chuck only being allowed to see Sweetie on the weekends and holidays.

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An hour of GaGa to start the morning and good news

Mar. 31st, 2010 | 01:33 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Wale - Chillin

So MTV had an hour block of Lady GaGa videos this morning. Well, more like thirty minutes of GaGa and thirty more of Proactive commercials. Here are my findings~

Words that are censored:
Russian, gun, muffin, kill, rat poison, meta-cyanide, fex-m3, tiberium

Judging by those, I'm surprised they didn't censor disco stick or pussy wagon. They also took out the little dance move she does during the vertigo stick line in Bad Romance.

Things that amused me:
With the massive amounts of product placement she has in her videos, a lot of them are blurred out when aired on TV.

Bad Romance and Paparazzi were both sped up. GaGa's dance moves are already kind of awkward at normal speed, this just made them even worse.

I really like MTV's weather reports in between videos. They're cute.

Good news:
My grandma actually isn't dead. My mom is just a psycho who just assumed she died because no one had heard from her.
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Mar. 29th, 2010 | 11:33 pm
mood: disappointeddisappointed

Fashion Illustration: B-
Modern Art: B+
Intermediate Motion Graphics: A
Advanced 2D Animation: A
Audio for Animation: A

Grades were posted. My GPA is a 3.4, so close to making honor roll. :(
I'll just take note from Tiana and work even harder next quarter.
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(no subject)

Mar. 25th, 2010 | 07:04 pm
mood: stressedstressed

lol, this week has just been full of bad news. :(

Or just two bad things that totally outweighed all the awesome.

Either way, my life sucks right now.
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Spring 2010 Schedule~

Feb. 17th, 2010 | 03:36 pm
mood: creativecreative

I just registered for next quarter's classes. So not excited.

6PM-10PM: Hard Surface and Organic Modeling
8AM-12PM: Web Animation
1pm-5pm: Ethics
1PM-5PM: 2D Animation Studio
6PM-10PM: Digital Ink and Paint

And just so this isn't so boring, I bring you Lady Llama:
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You can tell I started running out of things

Feb. 4th, 2010 | 01:11 pm
music: "Air War" - Crystal Castles

Leave me a comment and I'll give you letter. After that you make a list of ten loved things which start with that letter.

Tagged by fabulous friend Maryanne

My letter is F

Friends (not the show)
Fruit roll ups/Fruit snacks in general
Fried chicken
Fresh and Easy
Flight of the Conchords
Facial hair
Fluffy things
Ferguson, Craig
Free bitches named Lady Gaga

Free bitch feasting on fruit snack? Fierce!

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